• What three things does every customer demand for their E&D project?

E&D Services

Need scaffold access for your next job? A motor mixer or grout pump repaired? How about an engineered scaffold system with installation options? Or maybe, you need to enclose a large area structure, or protect an interior from weather and UV exposure. Maybe you want to hide or camouflage your project from the general public or neighboring tenants. You’ve come to the right place.

With each and every project, customers expect on-time completion, within budget, and at/or above OSHA Safety Standards. As your E&D services partner we know how important meeting these 3 needs are to the success of your project. We use disciplined and consistent project management systems to ensure your project is always done the way you want, when you want and within your budget.

From the first call through the dismantle phase, Colorado Scaffolding is committed to thoroughly understanding your project while remaining flexible and responsive to the changing demands of each project.

Services We Offer

  • Scaffold rental and sales
  • Tool and equipment repair services
  • Debris netting and reinforced plastic sheeting
  • Masons tools and equipment sales
  • Aluminum pump jack systems
  • Stucco tool and equipment sales
  • Concrete tool and equipment sales
  • Free estimates and take-offs
  • Deliver and return services
  • Scaffold design engineering services – registered in 48 states

Contact Us for more information about any of the services we provide. Our experts are here to help you meet all of your scaffolding needs.




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