About Us

Founded in 1978, Colorado Scaffolding was one of the first scaffolding suppliers in Denver. The company was acquired in 2016 by CD Specialty Contractors and has grown to be one of the largest premier scaffolding suppliers in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region. From tools and equipment to complete erection and dismantling, Colorado Scaffolding can provide you with the access you need to complete your next project.

Core Values

We Strive for Excellence

Each one of our team members thinks, acts, and behaves as an owner of our part of Colorado Scaffolding. We rise above excuses and blame by seeing the problem, owning it, solving it, and taking action. We learn from our mistakes and continuously strive to make ourselves and our company better.

We Put Others First

At Colorado Scaffolding, we put our team member’s, customer’s and your company’s interest before our own. We are eager to serve others first. When faced with a decision we are unsure of, we ask ourselves, “What should I do that will best service the customer, company, and my teammates?” We value responsibility, accountability, honesty, integrity, and truth.

We Find Solutions, Not Problems

Colorado Scaffolding adds value by working together to quickly and innovatively find solutions to any problems that arise. Anyone can see a problem, but a truly engaged and committed individual finds a solution.

We See Opportunity in Every Job

As a member of the Colorado Scaffolding team, we are always willing and able to complete any task. We see opportunities to contribute and add value to every job, big or small.

We Use Productive Communication

We speak positively of and with team members, customers and vendors both in public and private encounters. We take responsibility for our communication at all times, and our supervisors and managers are fluent in both English and Spanish to ensure the highest level of communication.




4540 E. 60th Ave.
Commerce City, CO 80022